When creating logos, I think it’s particularly important to keep it as simple as possible whilst making it impactful and relevant.

Logos or key parts of its elements must translate to small formats such as favicons and embroideries, otherwise risk losing the synergies across different media and formats. I also think simplicity ensures longevity, and relevance (whilst not necessarily blatantly obvious) will appeal to the target market and aid in recall.

Shown above are logo concepts for a client who were a small startup selling baby clothing and items using only organic natural fabrics and dyes.

Manual Medicine Australasia teaches manual health practitioners such as osteopaths, physiotherapists and others, new skills such as dry needling. They use their hands to heal and ensure bodies are balanced.

eS.Sential, a minimalist streetwear label that pares its pieces down to the essential or required, “required” often being denoted with an * .

Back In Health is a holistic health service offering osteopathy, dry needling, cupping and more.